Luciana Bisesi


Willow Kids Commercial

“2023 Elementary Hype”

Willow Kids Commercial

“2023 Elementary Hype”

Willow Kids Commercial

“2023 Pre-K Hype”

Willow Kids Commercial

“2023 Seed Packing Vision”


“Angela the Disgruntled Babysitter”



“The Greener The Grass”

Luciana Bisesi as Louisa

Musical Theatre

“Into The Woods Jr”

Luciana Bisesi as The Narrator

“Bisesi/Falco Musical Review”

Luciana Bisesi as Young Fiona

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"Luciana is such a blast to work with. She comes to set prepared and really cares about creative choices. She understands direction and cheerfully welcomes change and adjustments. She is attentive and comes up with great ideas to better her performance. All of this wrapped in a joyful personality and dedicated attitude that makes her reliable and fun.” - Miguel Garcia - Creative Producer, Willow Kids Central

Luciana is very good at taking direction and is always willing to take risks and dive deeper into the text when doing monologues and scenes! She has a lot of natural abilities and you can tell she loves what she does! - Samantha Bonzi - Acting Coach at Beyond Center Stage, Villa Park, IL